PRIMARK PS… Workout Make Up


When I ‘accidentally fell’ into Primark in January they, like most shops at that time of year, had all the workout gear right at the front of the store. Amongst it, the PS Work Out No Sweat make up range caught me eye. I don’t necessarily put on a full face of make up for the gym, but I like a little bit of coverage to keep the redness at bay, and am always on the look out for a decent waterproof mascara anyway. I have already filmed a first impressions on the products and you can find this on my YouTube channel (here), but here are some more detailed thoughts now that I have given all the products a decent trial.


As I mentioned in the video, this was my first dalliance with a foundation stick. It works best worked in with your fingers to warm up the product and get a good blend. One layer will give you a very light coverage and doesn’t conceal much (if any) of my redness. It is buildable but starts to feel a bit thick and pore clogging (if that is a phrase) after the second layer. However, there is enough coverage in the powder that I can get away with one layer of the foundation. As you can see, the shade is yellow toned ivory and pretty much in line with other ivory offerings from various drug store/high street brands. The sweat proof claim really holds up and this is what has impressed me most about the product. But despite this, it is no more difficult to remove at the end of the day which gives it more bonus points. On the down side it doesn’t have longevity in the coverage. That sounds contradictory with the sweat proof claims, but I find if I have put the foundation on at the beginning of the day has already faded quite a bit by the time I leave work and head to the gym. There also seems to be a very limited shade selection (I’ve seen three). All in all though, a bargain at £2.50.


The powder, also at only £2.50, has been the stand out product of the three for me. It even made it into my February Favourites video. It provides just enough coverage to wear alone for a gym session and is incredible for keeping me matte and surviving the sweat! I’ve also found it suitable for dry skin which is a plus for any powder product. My habit lately has been to wear my regular work make up and then pat this on my face just before an evening gym session to keep the beetroot face and shine at bay! Down side? Same as the foundation stick – there seems to be limited shades (again, I have only seen three).


The mascara has been the most disappointing of the three. Price wise it is in line with the rest of the range at only £2. Unfortunately that is where the praise ends for me! The formula is really dry and difficult to work with. This made it quite messy to apply and I usually had transfer to my upper lid when wearing this, despite the dry formula. Once on, it does seem to stay in place throughout a workout but it is an absolute nightmare to remove at the end of the day. In short, there are better waterproof mascaras out there that are worth paying more than double the price tag of this for, so this has been left rattling around in my make up drawers and not really touched after a week of use.




PS Love to Glow Face Mask

I’ve got my daily skincare routine down. I am also (unapologetic boast coming up) really good at sticking to it every day without fail, even when extra tired or under the influence of a few gins (find my evening skin care routine video here). I am not very good, however, at regularly applying face masks. I love the Lush fresh face masks but am guilty of forgetting to use them before they expire. Then when you factor in my sensitive skin and preference not to spend a fortune on face masks, I haven’t actually tried that many. SO you can imagine my delight when I discovered the PS Love to Glow face mask, at only £3, was a hit!


First things first, I have it on reliable authority that this is not a dupe for the famous Glam Glow masks. There was a fair bit of hype when the Primark skincare range launched including speculation that the mask could be a dupe. I haven’t tried Glam Glow myself, but I have read enough comparison reviews to be able to say with confidence that they are not very similar. That doesn’t mean this PS Love product isn’t a great one though.


The packaging is pretty classy. The glass tub has some weight to it, giving it more of a luxury feel than the £3 price tag suggests. I would describe the scent as a little clinical and a little on the strong side for my preference, but not a deal breaker. The texture is clay-like without being too sticky and I find it easy to apply with an old make up brush.

I love how it immediately provides a cooling sensation on the skin, without being tingly or uncomfortable. After 10 minutes (the recommended time to leave in place) the colour definitely darkens and the product feels tighter on the face, but again without being at all uncomfortable.


As it is removed, the mask has an exfoliating effect and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking brighter. I am really pleased with the effect this has had on my skin and I am yet to react to it despite there being some potentially inflammatory ingredients such as fragrance, but it seems to be far enough down the ingredients list for it not to be a problem for me. The ingredients that seem to ‘do it’ for me in this are Kaolin (clay), Shea butter and Argan oil. Now all I need to do it remember to use it!

Is it really a dupe? Maybelline Colordrama Lip Pencil vs Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon

One of the most satisfying discoveries for a make up fan is a dupe; a product from a budget friendly line that is almost an exact replica of your favourite high end/luxury make up item. With that in mind, last year I decided to start a series here on the blog called “Is it really a dupe?” I can’t pretend to have discovered many dupes myself – most of my knowledge on this subject comes from taking advice from other blogs, YouTube channels, magazines and friends! In this series I usually test and compare two products widely hailed as a luxury product and it’s more purse-friendly dupe. This time I am proud to say I found this dupe myself while having a rummage through my make up collection. It might have been previously coined as a dupe, but I am yet to read/hear about it:  ‘Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Nude Perfection’ vs ‘PS (Primark) Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in 09’.


The Packaging

Both simple and sleek, both easy to store and both with the handy feature of displaying the shade on the outside, there really is not much between the two products when it comes to packaging. Both need sharpening, and I personally prefer lip pencils with the ‘twist up option’ but that is no deal breaker for me. It is worth noting that the Primark lip pencil contains 3.5 g of product compared with 2.5 g in the Maybelline but you would still get plenty of applications out of each nevertheless (I for one have never finished a lip pencil!)




The Product

Looking at the hand swatches you might think me crazy for suggesting the Primark lip pencil as a dupe. Both nude perfection from Maybelline (shown on the top in the three photos above) and the less imaginatively named 09 shade from Primark can definitely be described as matte nude shades but as you can see, the Primark product takes on more of a ‘pinky’ tone compared to the brown undertone of the Maybelline counterpart. BUT once applied onto the lips I think you will agree you can’t tell the difference! Of course this may vary depending on the natural colour of your own lips but on me the two shades look almost identical. As for the formula; each has it’s own pros and cons. I found the Primark product applies more smoothly and is creamier, whereas the Maybelline drags a bit on the lips and can cling to dry patches. However, the Maybelline is more pigmented so needs less layering and has a slightly better lasting power.

The Price

I am well aware that this is not your standard dupe post seeing as the most expensive of the products is still very affordable at £4.99 (Maybelline). However, the Primark option comes in at only £2 so is less than half the price and contains a whole extra gram of product. If you buy a lot of make up savings like that can add up over time! And with the Primark lip pencil equalling, if not surpassing, the Maybelline in quality it is a saving not to be sniffed at.

The Verdict

Is it a dupe? Yup.



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My Capsule Wardrobe: Most worn this Summer


I’m now three seasons into my capsule wardrobe experience and I finally got around to shooting some outfit pictures. Summer has involved the smallest switch up so far (partly due to being over-optimistic about the weather when choosing my Spring pieces!) so rather than go through my whole wardrobe I decided to share with you my three most worn pieces.

Pinafore – New Look

Part of the reason I wanted to start the capsule wardrobe was to help me develop a style. However, that doesn’t mean that when a trend comes along you can’t buy into it, and the denim pinafore is definitely the statement piece of my wardrobe this Summer. It’s been nice and cool for the ocassional balmy British summer day and can just as easily be teamed with tights for days when there has been a chill in the air.

Jersey Bardot Top – Primark

I love a basic tee and there have been more than a few in every seasonal switch up of my wardrobe since I began the capsuling concept. This Bardot top has been a great alternative to a simple t-shirt and the stripes keep it looking classic. It’s versatile too; I love it with the pinafore but have also worn it with a high waist pencil skirt, shorts or jeans.

White Leather All Star – Converse

Aside from a two week holiday in a much warmer climate, I’ve barely worn sandals this Summer. Even if the weather has been gorgeous, a rain cloud is never far away in England! Converse have been the perfect alternative for keeping feet dry, especially these leather alternative to the original canvas offering (which I have also found far more comfortable). Bonus – they go with everything which gives them a gold star as far as the capsule wardrobe is concerned.

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Boring Beauty Products – that are always on my shopping list!

There’s this group of products that are always on my shopping list and/or always in my beauty drawer. They may not be glamorous or contained in beautiful packaging, and they may not be the types of products that would ordinarily inspire people to blog about, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth recommending! So this post is dedicated to those products, explaining why I buy them again and again.


P.S Love (Primark) Cosmetic Pads

Cotton wool pads are definitely a must have for any make up wearer, and these from Primark are my all time favourite. There are plenty of other good brands of cosmetic pads out there, but for me these are the best for overall quality and value for money. I’ve tried loads of others including Boots (great but more expensive), Superdrug (too scratchy) and Tesco (not strong enough) but now stick to the Primark ones as I don’t think I’m going to beat them! And only £1 for 160 pads – bargain!


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Like a lot of beauty fans, I use this to clean my make up brushes. Squirt a bit into a bowl, dip your brushes into it, swirl them around on your hand or a brush cleaning pad/glove, rinse and you’re done! I know there are plenty of ‘proper’ make up brush cleaning solutions out there, but when 500 ml of this lasts me about 6 months and only costs around £3 it’s a no brainer for me! I understand that baby shampoo may not have the anti-bacterial properties that a lot of the make up brush cleansers do, but as I clean my brushes regularly and don’t share them that doesn’t really bother me.


Garnier Mineral Antiperspirant

This is the only deodorant I use! I discovered it over a year and loved it enough to feature it in a favourites video on my You Tube channel (linked here if you’re interesed!) According to Garnier’s website these antiperspirants contain the natural ingredient perlite; a volcanic mineral that absorbs moisture. In reality this means that the deodorant actually works in keeping you dry and fresh smelling! More recently I found the ‘Invisicalm’ version – perfect for sensitive skin after shaving. These seem to retail around the £2 mark but I often find them on offer for just £1.


Elegant Touch Rapid Dry

I paint my nails a lot but I’m also really impatient when it comes to waiting for them to dry! This means I never paint my nails without a spray of this product afterwards. It claims to make your nails ‘touch dry’ in 60 seconds and I agree it does that. Granted, you still have to wait a little longer for the polish to be completely dry but nevertheless this cuts down my nail painting routine considerably. I go through it pretty quickly, but as it only costs around £3 it’s something I don’t mind throwing in my shopping basket on a regular basis!

I’m sure we all have our favourite ‘boring beauty products’ – let me know your recommendations below!