Henry’s Covent Garden – classy cocktails that don’t break the bank


Henry’s Cafe Bar in Covent Garden is a place I have been visiting for years, ever since I moved to London many moons ago as an 18 year old student. For me, it’s an ‘old faithful’ – a place I know I can return to for a good time whether it be for a lunch date, coffee and a chat, a quick drink or a full on cocktail session! Having said that until recently it had been some time since my last visit, but when I ended up there with a group of friends celebrating a very special engagement, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see if their cocktails remain as good as I remember. I wasn’t disappointed! The bar tenders clearly know their stuff taking time and care over each cocktail. This may mean you wait a bit longer than average for your drink to be made, but for me that’s the sign of a proper cocktail, and part of the experience is watching the bar tender and their flair in making the drinks. And with cocktails ranging from £5.95 (during happy hour) and £9.95 (champagne based) in a central London bar just a hop, skip and jump from Covent Garden, what more can you ask for?! You can find the full bar menu here, but below are some I sampled with friends during our recent visit.


Blackberry Spice – £8.50

This cocktail is from Henry’s ‘favourites’ menu and I believe it to be one of their own creations. Designed to taste like a berry crumble this is one for dessert lovers! Rum, blackcurrant liqueur and fresh limes all over crushed ice and topped with cinnamon, for me, make this cocktail both refreshing and comforting at the same time. It’s a shorter drink, so definitely on the stronger side but makes for a very classy looking cocktail if nothing else!


Key West Cooler – £7.95

From their ‘Classics’ menu this may not be the most interesting looking of cocktails but it’s all about the taste with the Key West Cooler! I have a big sweet tooth and this cocktail definitely satisfies that. If you are a fan of sweet spirits this is right up your street. Melon liqueur, peach schnapps, Malibu with orange and cranberry juices make this an even better version of one of my all time favourites, sex on the beach.

Raspberry Mojito – £8.50

Another from the ‘favourites’ menu is this twist on the Mojito. It contains all the classic ingredients (fresh mint, homemade Demerara syrup, fresh lime and rum) but with a dose of fresh raspberries and the rum is vanilla infused for a bit of extra sweetness. I am not a fan of a Mojito, which is just my personal preference, but two of our party ordered and loved these. Refreshing with a berry twist – perfect for a Spring afternoon.

DSC00270eForbidden Fruit – price not listed

What about the teetotallers/designated drivers/expectant mums?! Henry’s have a decent selection of non-alcoholic cocktails made with equal flair and served with as much care as their alcoholic counter-parts! The forbidden fruit is a selection of fresh juices blended with pureed fruit so tastes just as good as the other cocktails – just without the kick! Other options include a virgin mojito, homemade iced tea (sadly not available the day we visited) and a virgin Mary so I’d say there’s something for all tastes!

After returning to Henry’s for the first time in a long time, I can definitely say this won’t be my last visit! Let me know in the comments if you are a fan of Henry’s, of if you visit after reading this post.