The 5 Best Disneyland Paris Attractions for Adults (in my opinion!)


It’s no secret that despite the fact I’m rapidly approaching my mid-thirties, I’m a die hard Disneyland Paris fan. Judge me if you like, but I find it to be one of the few places you can visit for a few days to immerse yourself in a childhood fantasy land and literally forget everything that’s stressing you out in the ‘real world’. Yes, it is probably a love or hate kind of attraction but I’m guessing that if you have clicked on this link and read this far, you are in the love camp. I’ve already posted my tips for couples planning a trip to the parks (linked here) and after I rekindled my love affair with a recent visit, now I’m sharing my favourite five attractions at the parks for adults (because like I said in my previous post, Disneyland Paris is not just for kids!)

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This is hands down my favourite ride at the parks, and I’ve been a fan ever since I first experienced it at Walt Disney World, Florida over 20 years ago (eek!) It’s a high thrill ride where you are immersed into the fictional world of the ‘Twilight Zone’ (as in the TV movie from the nineties) that somehow has managed not to appear dated like some other rides based on films from a relatively vintage year (I’m looking at you Star Tours). It’s the only ride I still get nervous about when queuing despite having been on it more times than I can count. It’s a simple concept, as it really only involves being ‘dropped’ rather than any twists, turns or a high speed coaster scenario but the set up, theme and element of suspense make this, for me, the attraction with the biggest adrenaline rush.


Dreams is Disneyland Paris’ end of day show. Obviously, this is a family friendly attraction but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s really just for the kids. Clich√© as this sounds, it has to be seen to be believed; set at Sleeping Beauty’s castle it involves music, fireworks, pyrotechnics and water and leaves me in awe at the creativity and work that goes into it.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

I never really bought into the concept of ‘dinner and show’ events until I saw this one! Yes, you have to pay extra money on top of your park ticket and I don’t go to this every time I visit but it really is worth a look. Again, it’s fun for all the family but if you are visiting as adults without children, you are definitely not out of place; there have been almost as many couples as there have been families when we have been. Expect an hour and a half of cheesy but good old fashioned audience participation, wild west themed fun with a surprisingly good quality meal too.


This is the newest ride at the parks, and can be found in the ToonLand section of the studios. It opened in 2014 so was the only ride I hadn’t tried before when we visited earlier this month. Being relatively new, and also being pretty pioneering in it’s design (for Europe anyway) it’s hugely popular so get there early or use the FastPass option to avoid queuing for well over an hour. If you are not into your ‘white knuckle’ rides you will be fine; without giving away any spoilers its a 4D, trackless ride inside a ‘Ratmobile’ based on the film. But it’s a kids film so surely aimed at children you say? We rode this several times and only once was there someone under the age of 18 in our Ratmobile!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

I still struggle to understand how this ride has any relevance to Disney, but I don’t care as it’s incredible! Definitely one for the thrill seekers. Wikipedia tells me that it’s the fastest roller coaster in Paris accelerating from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds allowing you to experience 3.5 G’s at the first inversion, which is apparently more than an astronaut does on a space shuttle launch! That should be a draw enough alone for coaster fanatics but what makes this even more fun for me is the cleverly chosen clips of Aerosmith music that come blasting out of the speakers under your seat and next to your head throughout the ride. You can’t help but head bang or sing along despite being thrown upside down (each of the five coasters has a different sound track too!)



5 Disneyland Paris Tips – for couples


My husband and I don’t mind admitting that we are huge Disney fans. I’d say we have visited Disneyland Paris more than your average adults and therefore have some wisdom to share! A quick internet search, and you will find plenty of advice for families visiting Disneyland Paris, which is to be expected as clearly they are Disney’s biggest customer. However, the advice I’d give to couples is very different and so for first timers or veterans alike, here are my top 5 tips.

1. Travel by Eurostar

In larger groups this is unlikely to be the most economical option, considering that if you go by car (through the tunnel or on the ferry) the price is per vehicle rather than per person like on the Eurostar. However, it is so convenient if you live within a reasonable distance from London/Kent, that when there are just two of you, I’d say it’s the only way to travel! Marne-la-Vallee station is so close to the park, it might as well be in it. You can therefore walk to the park straight off the train, but if you have heavy bags there is also a free shuttle to the onsite hotels (which brings me on to my next tip!)

Bonus tip: if you book tickets as soon as they are released (which I think is 6 months in advance) you can get them for £72 return per person.

2. Stay on site

Yes, this is a more expensive option than staying in a hotel outside of the park. However, a trip to Disneyland Paris is expensive regardless and if you have decided to splash out on the trip in the first place, in my opinion, you may as well go all out! Having said that there are 7 themed onsite hotels, with huge variability in price so there are more ‘budget friendly’ options. Why stay on site though? For me, there are two reasons. The first being practical; if you are staying for a short time (which most people do when visiting Disneyland Paris) the hotels are very close to the parks and Disney village (with restaurants and shops) so it’s nice to be able to ‘pop’ back to your hotel without wasting precious time travelling. You also get extra perks such as access to the parks an hour before the general public. The second reason comes from my general love of Disney; if you stay on site you are constantly surrounded by the Disney magic! Our favourite is Sequoia Lodge with it’s theme being inspired by America’s National Parks. It’s especially cosy in the winter as the bar area has a huge open fire, which is lit most of the day at this time of year (which again, brings me on to my next tip!)

3. Go in the Winter

As a couple if you have the flexibility of not having to travel during school holidays, and you don’t mind the cold, then winter is the time to go! You’ll find it’s much cheaper and the parks are quiet. There are still enough people around for there to be a good atmosphere, but in our experience there is barely any queuing. Most, if not all rides seem to remain open too. Wrap up though! We tend to go in February when there is often snow and/or temperatures well below freezing. I’m talking thermals, snow boots, layers, gloves and woolly hat weather!

4. Sign up to the official mailing list

This tip is actually not exclusive to couples and I would recommend this to anybody who is planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. You can sign up by visiting the website, here. You will be tipped off about upcoming special offers. Offers seem to be available at most off-peak times, but peak times too. The best value one we’ve used is the ‘Free half board menu plan’ saving us a lot of money on meals. If you are reading this when published (April 2015) they have this offer on now.

5. Use the concierge service

Another advantage of staying in an onsite hotel, is access to the concierge service. Some people may be surprised to learn that the parks have a selection of decent table service restaurants (i.e. not just the fast food counters and buffets). You can book any of these through the concierge service rather than traipsing around the parks and booking them individually. Popular favourites are the Blue Lagoon and Walt’s. So you can have ‘date night’ even when visiting Disneyland Paris!

Do you have any tips for couples travelling to Disneyland Paris? Share them below!