Makeup Revolution: Fortune Favours the Brave – worth the hype?


Typically, when there is a lot of hype around a new make up release, I like to wait until the excitement levels have died down, read or watch plenty of reviews, and then decide if it is a bandwagon I want to jump on. When Makeup Revolution announced the Fortune Favours the Brave palette in collaboration with British Beauty Blogger, I knew I needed it straight away! Why? The brand has to be my favourite budget friendly line, and I am a huge fan of Jane’s (i.e. British Beauty Blogger) posts, so the two combined had to be a match made in make up lover’s heaven. Many people obviously felt the same as Makeup Revolution even released the product a few days earlier than planned due to high demand. Being nearly a month since the palette was released, reviews are ‘two a penny’ but I wanted to get plenty of use out of mine before I posted an opinion.


At £9.99 the price is in line with the rest of Makeup Revolution’s range (in other words very affordable), and for that you are treated to 30 shades in a variety of finishes (matte, glimmer and sheen according to the website). I like that the packaging stands out from the rest of the range, and is smart yet practical; I love a big mirror in a eye shadow palette! You also get a brush, which I’d say is of better quality than the average ‘free’ brush, but I still far prefer using my own selection, especially for blending. The colour selection is great. Something for everyone I’d say. A decent number of matte neutral shades, gorgeous jewel tones and some really dramatic shades in a variety of finishes.



On first impressions, the quality of the shadows are certainly of the high standard I’ve come to expect from Makeup Revolution; great pigmentation, easy to blend and hardly any fall out. The swatches above are all just one swipe without any primer, so as you can imagine, they perform even better on the lids on top of any primer. After trialling the whole palette for a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed there is some variation in quality between the shades. The lighter matte colours are great for a transition shade, but I’ve found when used to create a look by themselves, the lasting power could be better. The lighter more shimmery shades also work best in combination with other colours within the palette rather than alone or with the other lighter shades, but this could be down to my fair skin. However, where this palette really comes into it’s own is when used to create a more dramatic look. The darker shades, jewel shades and medium toned shimmery shades can be used to make beautiful looks, especially for when you are ‘going out out’! And when built up in this way, the look will definitely last all night. To see the palette in action you can check out this video on my YouTube channel, or my Instagram feed.

Overall, I wouldn’t call this palette a perfect all rounder. I have other palettes in my collection that I would use over this for the every day looks, especially if you favour matte shades for your day time eye shadows. However, if you are a fan of dramatic eye looks, this is a winner, especially if you are on a budget. Sadly, at the time of writing, the palette is out of stock on both the Makeup Revolution and Superdrug sites (surely a testament to it’s popularity!) I’ve been reliably informed it will be back in stock soon so if you are keen to add it to your collection, I’d recommend joining the mailing list or keeping a close eye on social media so that you don’t miss out!







Is it really a dupe? Mac Painterly Paint Pot vs Maybelline Creme De Rose Color Tattoo

One of the most satisfying discoveries for a make up fan is a dupe; a product from a budget friendly line that is almost an exact replica of your favourite high end/luxury make up item. With that in mind, last year I decided to start a series here on the blog called “Is it really a dupe?” I can’t pretend to have discovered many (if any) dupes myself – all my knowledge on this subject comes from taking advice from other blogs, YouTube channels, magazines and friends! In this series I will be testing and comparing two products widely hailed as a luxury product and it’s more purse-friendly dupe. This time; ‘Mac Painterly Paint Pot’ vs ‘Maybelline Crème De Rose Color Tattoo.’



The Packaging

Mac Paint Pots come in the brand’s immediately recognisable chic and understated packaging and aesthetically I have no complaints. The Maybelline Color Tattoos appear to have been designed to emulate the Paint Pot packaging but with, in my opinion, a less sophisticated look. However, I find the Maybelline packaging much more practical; the lid is flat which makes it easier to store turned upside down so that you can see the shade without having to rummage, whereas the Paint Pot lids are domed meaning they have the tendency to roll around. You get 5g of product for your money with the Mac product and try as I might, I couldn’t find any reference to the weight of the Color Tattoo anywhere on the product, or online! Just gauging by eye though, it looks as though the Maybelline packaging might contain slightly less product, as the packaging is not as deep.


The Product

The Mac Paint Pot in the shade Painterly (shown on the right in all photos) was the first product of its kind I owned. Mac describe them as a highly pigmented cream eye shadow and I’d say that is a pretty accurate description. Maybelline, however, describe the Color Tattoos as a gel-cream eye shadow but with finger dipped into both products if there is any difference in the texture, its almost impossible to tell. Crème De Rose is not an exact colour match for Painterly but pretty close as you can see. Even though Maybelline call this shade matte I would say it is not quite as matte as the Mac offering, which shows in both the pot and the hand swatch. Worn on their own I find both these products have the tendency to crease after a few hours, but to me these are best worn as a base for eye shadow given the neutral shades. For this reason, I have brushed some eye shadow over the hand swatches in the last photo and both products make the shade more vibrant than when worn without a base. In fact, if anything the Maybelline formula does a better job at this. That’s because once dry, the Color Tattoo has a more tacky feel to the Paint Pot. On the down side, this can mean shadow requires slightly more effort to blend than when worn over the Paint Pot. Both products make your eye shadows last all day. Maybelline claims to last 24 hours but I can’t verify that as I have never had make up on that long!

The Price

So far there has been barely any difference in the products but the price is where they do vary. The Paint Pots come in at £16 whereas the Color Tattoos will set you back around £4.99 and are often part of a 3 for 2 offer. Even if the Color Tattoo does contain less product, it’s hard to argue with that saving especially when the results are so similar. I love my Paint Pot but if I ever use it up and want to replace it with a similar shade, I’ll be happy to go for the cheaper alternative.

The Verdict

Is it a dupe? Good enough for me!



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Boring Beauty Products – that are always on my shopping list!

There’s this group of products that are always on my shopping list and/or always in my beauty drawer. They may not be glamorous or contained in beautiful packaging, and they may not be the types of products that would ordinarily inspire people to blog about, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth recommending! So this post is dedicated to those products, explaining why I buy them again and again.


P.S Love (Primark) Cosmetic Pads

Cotton wool pads are definitely a must have for any make up wearer, and these from Primark are my all time favourite. There are plenty of other good brands of cosmetic pads out there, but for me these are the best for overall quality and value for money. I’ve tried loads of others including Boots (great but more expensive), Superdrug (too scratchy) and Tesco (not strong enough) but now stick to the Primark ones as I don’t think I’m going to beat them! And only £1 for 160 pads – bargain!


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Like a lot of beauty fans, I use this to clean my make up brushes. Squirt a bit into a bowl, dip your brushes into it, swirl them around on your hand or a brush cleaning pad/glove, rinse and you’re done! I know there are plenty of ‘proper’ make up brush cleaning solutions out there, but when 500 ml of this lasts me about 6 months and only costs around £3 it’s a no brainer for me! I understand that baby shampoo may not have the anti-bacterial properties that a lot of the make up brush cleansers do, but as I clean my brushes regularly and don’t share them that doesn’t really bother me.


Garnier Mineral Antiperspirant

This is the only deodorant I use! I discovered it over a year and loved it enough to feature it in a favourites video on my You Tube channel (linked here if you’re interesed!) According to Garnier’s website these antiperspirants contain the natural ingredient perlite; a volcanic mineral that absorbs moisture. In reality this means that the deodorant actually works in keeping you dry and fresh smelling! More recently I found the ‘Invisicalm’ version – perfect for sensitive skin after shaving. These seem to retail around the £2 mark but I often find them on offer for just £1.


Elegant Touch Rapid Dry

I paint my nails a lot but I’m also really impatient when it comes to waiting for them to dry! This means I never paint my nails without a spray of this product afterwards. It claims to make your nails ‘touch dry’ in 60 seconds and I agree it does that. Granted, you still have to wait a little longer for the polish to be completely dry but nevertheless this cuts down my nail painting routine considerably. I go through it pretty quickly, but as it only costs around £3 it’s something I don’t mind throwing in my shopping basket on a regular basis!

I’m sure we all have our favourite ‘boring beauty products’ – let me know your recommendations below!

Mini Soap & Glory Haul – with first impressions


If there are two areas of make up I wish I had more skill in, it’s eyebrows and eyeliner. If you saw my video on You Tube talking about my make up goals for 2015 (linked here) you will know that one of them is to finally accomplish the winged liner look. I’m still not feeling anywhere near confident with applying it, but have heard lots of good things about the Soap & Glory liner. I’ve also been wanting to try the much-hyped Anastasia Brow Wiz and Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, and the Soap & Glory versions seem to be widely hailed as dupes for these. So when I was in my local Boots and these products were all in stock and on a ‘3 for 2’ offer (the two had never happened at the same time before!) I couldn’t resist a purchase.DSC00242From left to right, I bought the ‘Archery‘ in the colour ‘Brownie Points’ (£10), the ‘Archery Brow Pencil‘ in the colour ‘Hot Chocolate’ (£8), and the ‘Supercat‘ black liquid liner (£6). For reference, I would describe my hair (and eyebrow) colour as dark brown. A definite down side of the Soap & Glory eyebrow pencils compared to their high end counter-parts is the much smaller range of shades (essentially each one comes in two shades – brown and light brown/blonde).


I’ll start with Archery. This is double ended with a pen on one side and a crayon on the other. The pen is the very bottom swatch on the photo above, and the crayon just above it. I was surprised to find that the colours are pretty different, as you can see, with the pen being a much cooler brown and the crayon warmer. The pen ‘nib’ is very flexible, which I like as it makes for a more natural effect, but I found I had to apply a lot of pressure to get a decent colour pay off from the crayon.

The Archery Brow Pencil is also double ended, but this time with a ‘spoolie’ on one end and a crayon on the other. The crayon is the top swatch on the above photo, and is much darker than the colours in the other product. It’s also a lot thinner and therefore easier to work with. The ‘spoolie’ is excellent! For these reasons, and because the colour happens to be a much better match for me, this is definitely my favourite of the two. However, maybe I need more practice with this type of product, but overall I much prefer my current brow routine, using powder and a brush,


Onto the star of the haul for me, the Supercat liner. Initially I had reservations as when I swatched the product on my hand, there was a lot of ‘bleeding’. However, this did not happen at all when applied to the lids (I guess I must just have wrinkly hands!) The ‘nib’ is thicker than I’m used to and I thought that would make it harder to work with, but somehow this wasn’t the case. You can apply different pressures to get various line thickness, as the photo above shows. Best of all, I was magically able to apply a wing on my first attempt. It wasn’t a fluke either, as I did both eyes! It was nowhere near perfect but better than any attempt I’ve made using other products, and with more practice I’ve got high hopes! I would recommend this eyeliner to anyone who usually struggles with this kind of product.

Do you have any Soap & Glory recommendations? Comment below if you do!

My Little Dream Box – a quirky beauty subscription


My Little Box is the first beauty subscription box that has made me part with my cash. I’ve dabbled in beauty boxes before having received a three month subscription to Glossy Box and a one off box from Look Fantastic as gifts, and really enjoyed both of them. However, I haven’t been persuaded to sign up for a subscription myself – until I found out about My Little Box that is.


So what made me sign up to My Little Box? The subscription contains French beauty products – a market I have been interested in ever since I discovered the ‘magic’ of Micellar water. Even better – the box always contains fashion or lifestyle accessories too so you are getting more than just another beauty box subscription. All this for £11 per month plus £3.95 postage and packaging makes it competitively priced. I’m on my third box, and each one has had a different theme. All have been winners as far as I’m concerned!


Onto April’s box – the My Little Dream box. It came beautifully packaged as you can see, and contains a card with a Walt Disney quote. All boxes so far have included inspirational quotes, and being a huge Disney fan this is my favourite yet! Also included, as is every month, is the My Little World magazine. Always well worth a read including beauty and lifestyle tips.


The beauty products always come in a cute little canvas bag, which makes a lovely keepsake. As with other subscriptions, there seems to be some variability between the boxes which makes it a surprise even if, like me, you are addicted to reading blog posts about subscription boxes, or watching unboxing videos on You Tube!


This month I received a Loved by Lou Lesage tinted lip balm (worth £8), a Cowshed wild cow body lotion (worth £18) and a My Little Beauty hair mask (worth £7). My Little Beauty is a company created my My Little Box themselves, and they include a product in the box every month. The box also contains cards explaining about the products and are beautifully written, telling a story rather than being purely factual. These cards come in very handy when a lot of the time the writing on the packaging is in French!

DSC00213Onto the ‘non-beauty’ content. First up this month is a stamp with ink (worth £8). This box is definitely a good pick for lovers of both beauty and stationery or crafts, as there have been previous items of this nature.

DSC00214Keeping with the positivity theme the stamp is full of both inspirational and practical phrases, in French and English.

DSC00215Finally, was an exciting little package! The way items in this subscription are presented is another draw of the box for me – always very girly but stylish.

DSC00217Inside is a beautiful pendant on a cord necklace by the designer Delphine Pariente (worth £20). The card explains that ‘bonne etoile’ means ‘lucky star’. Even if the necklace is not to your taste as far as jewellery is concerned, it makes a gorgeous little trinket to display somewhere in your home – mine is currently hanging over my dressing table mirror.

The mathematically minded of you (not me – calculator required!) may have noted that the total value in the box is £61. So for value for money, originality and design – this is a great subscription service in my opinion. You can sign up for My Little Box here (not an affiliate link). Let me know your thoughts if you decide to sign up, or are already subscribed!