Little Miss Piggies – Brighton

For years I have loved visiting Brighton for it’s seaside charm, independent shops or restaurants, and the eclectic street style. This Summer was my first visit to the Kemptown area and I fell head over heels instantly. A network of little back streets packed full of places to eat and drink, it seems to be a popular choice for locals – always a good sign. We (my husband and me) stumbled across Little Miss Piggies on a Friday morning when we were feeling hungry and were tempted in by the eye catching frontage plus the promise (and smell!) of freshly cooked food…


According to the website, Little Miss Piggies is a family run café specialising in traditional English food, promising good value and freshly cooked dishes. I immediately sensed the friendly vibe on walking in and loved the way the décor was fun yet homely, making it feel like you were sitting in a friend’s kitchen while they cooked you breakfast. Free Wifi and newspapers while you wait are a great touch too.



Also impressive was the selection on offer on the menu. Of course you can find a variety of cooked breakfasts but also brunch items, vegan/veggie options and some more healthy choices including a lighter cooked breakfast (i.e. low carb). A build your own breakfast option is also available – great for those that don’t like any of the pre-set breakfasts on offer.



I went for the Eggs Royale with wholemeal bread and was impressed. I also thought it was incredibly good value for £4.95 considering the quality of the smoked salmon was very good and the hollandaise sauce was one of the best I’ve tasted. In his typical style my husband went for the Hangover Breakfast, the biggest choice on the menu! Being more of a quantity over quality kind of person when it comes to breakfast he felt it was a little over priced at £8.90. I take his point as you can get bigger breakfasts for less in central London, but having tried his (for research purposes of course!) I could tell great quality ingredients are used so personally thought it was good value.


Plenty of hot and cold drinks are on offer too, and I especially appreciated that the coffee drinks come up large! It was a hot day and the iced coffee was welcome and delicious. I also loved the attention to detail with the crockery and other tablewear. And the service? Excellent! We will definitely be returning in the future.

You can find Little Miss Piggies at 85 James Street, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1TP




5 thoughts on “Little Miss Piggies – Brighton

  1. Thanks for your lovely blog, Victoria. It is much appreciated as we are a small family business and reviews mean a lot to us. Please can I have your permission to use some of your pictures on our Facebook page and/or our website? Kind regards from Hilary – owner of Little Miss Piggies.

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      • Thanks and of course we will credit your super blog. They are really nice photos and a bit different from our normal ones.


        Hilary Smith
        for and on behalf of
        Little Miss Piggies
        85 St James’s Street
        BN2 1TP

        Tel: 01273 699029
        Mobile: 0798 388 5188
        [Small Latest English breakfast]

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  2. I can only confirm Victoria’s description! We were in Brighton to drop off our son at university, and we stayed in Kemptown, surprised to find there so many small and very good restaurants for breakfast and dinner (we mostly skipped lunch). One morning we decided to have breakfast at Little Miss Piggies, but were about 10 minutes early – no problem for the owner! She decided to open earlier and serve us breakfast – and what a delightful meal we had!! Very good food and very friendly and smiling service! Unfortunately, the place was closed for some days after our breakfast experience.

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