Is it really a dupe? Mac Painterly Paint Pot vs Maybelline Creme De Rose Color Tattoo

One of the most satisfying discoveries for a make up fan is a dupe; a product from a budget friendly line that is almost an exact replica of your favourite high end/luxury make up item. With that in mind, last year I decided to start a series here on the blog called “Is it really a dupe?” I can’t pretend to have discovered many (if any) dupes myself – all my knowledge on this subject comes from taking advice from other blogs, YouTube channels, magazines and friends! In this series I will be testing and comparing two products widely hailed as a luxury product and it’s more purse-friendly dupe. This time; ‘Mac Painterly Paint Pot’ vs ‘Maybelline Crème De Rose Color Tattoo.’



The Packaging

Mac Paint Pots come in the brand’s immediately recognisable chic and understated packaging and aesthetically I have no complaints. The Maybelline Color Tattoos appear to have been designed to emulate the Paint Pot packaging but with, in my opinion, a less sophisticated look. However, I find the Maybelline packaging much more practical; the lid is flat which makes it easier to store turned upside down so that you can see the shade without having to rummage, whereas the Paint Pot lids are domed meaning they have the tendency to roll around. You get 5g of product for your money with the Mac product and try as I might, I couldn’t find any reference to the weight of the Color Tattoo anywhere on the product, or online! Just gauging by eye though, it looks as though the Maybelline packaging might contain slightly less product, as the packaging is not as deep.


The Product

The Mac Paint Pot in the shade Painterly (shown on the right in all photos) was the first product of its kind I owned. Mac describe them as a highly pigmented cream eye shadow and I’d say that is a pretty accurate description. Maybelline, however, describe the Color Tattoos as a gel-cream eye shadow but with finger dipped into both products if there is any difference in the texture, its almost impossible to tell. Crème De Rose is not an exact colour match for Painterly but pretty close as you can see. Even though Maybelline call this shade matte I would say it is not quite as matte as the Mac offering, which shows in both the pot and the hand swatch. Worn on their own I find both these products have the tendency to crease after a few hours, but to me these are best worn as a base for eye shadow given the neutral shades. For this reason, I have brushed some eye shadow over the hand swatches in the last photo and both products make the shade more vibrant than when worn without a base. In fact, if anything the Maybelline formula does a better job at this. That’s because once dry, the Color Tattoo has a more tacky feel to the Paint Pot. On the down side, this can mean shadow requires slightly more effort to blend than when worn over the Paint Pot. Both products make your eye shadows last all day. Maybelline claims to last 24 hours but I can’t verify that as I have never had make up on that long!

The Price

So far there has been barely any difference in the products but the price is where they do vary. The Paint Pots come in at £16 whereas the Color Tattoos will set you back around £4.99 and are often part of a 3 for 2 offer. Even if the Color Tattoo does contain less product, it’s hard to argue with that saving especially when the results are so similar. I love my Paint Pot but if I ever use it up and want to replace it with a similar shade, I’ll be happy to go for the cheaper alternative.

The Verdict

Is it a dupe? Good enough for me!



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