My Capsule Wardrobe: Lessons & Winter Updates


Back in October last year, I posted about dipping my toe into the increasingly popular capsule wardrobe concept. I have now worn my wardrobe for three months, learnt lessons and updated my collection for the next season so thought it was about time I wrote an update. If you didn’t catch my first post, I’ve linked it here and I recommend you give it a quick scan before reading on…

Developing my style

This was one of my aims when I started and I feel like it is happening. Opening my wardrobe doors when preparing for the transition to winter I was greeted with a consistent colour palette and a mixture of soft tailoring and casual pieces; Plenty of black, white and grey and also some earthy tones, and I was drawn to the same kind of items when I shopped for winter.

Saving money

Between the changeover in seasons, I barely spent any money on clothes. I wouldn’t have spent any, aside from the fact I burnt my pencil skirt when trying to iron it so had to replace it! I wasn’t a big spender on fashion prior to trying out the capsule wardrobe but whatever your pre-capsule spending habits, you’ll definitely have some spare cash to save/spend on other things once you commit to the concept.

Buying quality

My wardrobe used to be almost exclusively Primark. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing but once I knew I would have less pieces in my wardrobe, I knew I would need it to be better quality as it would obviously be washed more often. I’m not saying I bought designer (if only!) but buying in places such as Reiss, Zara, and even Topshop has felt like a luxury to me, and one I want to continue with!


My main one so far is check the care label before buying! The last thing I wanted was to have to handwash or dry clean items when I’m wearing them so often. The other is plan financially. I knew my changeover would be at the end of December so asked for vouchers as Christmas presents. My next spending spree will be at the beginning of April so I plan to put money aside especially for the purpose.

The Winter Update

Having built my first capsule wardobe after reading the wise words of Caroline from I went a bit freestyle this time! I wrote a list of all my items and ticked off everything I knew I wanted to keep. Everything not ticked was pulled out of the wardrobe and scrutinised; did I still love it and would I still wear it? If the answer was no the item went into storage or the charity pile. Next, I reviewed all the items in storage to see if I wanted to add them to the current wardrobe. This time I only kept two items out of storage, as the majority of it was spring/summer wear. This left me with a list of items to buy, which as before was the fun part! The collage above shows some of the items new to my winter capsule wardrobe, all linked below. Advice and feedback on the process welcome as always!

Khaki shirt dress – ASOS

Frido over the knee boots – Aldo

Stud tie front blouse – Warehouse

Down filled premium parka – Miss Selfridge

Sleeveless white shirt – ASOS

Navy Swing Dress – Miss Selfridge

Grey maxi cardigan – Soaked in Luxury (at ASOS)

Alaska wide fit ankle boots – ASOS

Fine knit roll neck jumper – JDY (at ASOS)


6 thoughts on “My Capsule Wardrobe: Lessons & Winter Updates

  1. Ohh you have some really nice picks there, I really like the green shirt dress. I sort of wear a capsule wardrobe for work, I have things just set aside for it and keep that on rotation, it came about accidentally but really helps in the morning.


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