The 5 Best Disneyland Paris Attractions for Adults (in my opinion!)


It’s no secret that despite the fact I’m rapidly approaching my mid-thirties, I’m a die hard Disneyland Paris fan. Judge me if you like, but I find it to be one of the few places you can visit for a few days to immerse yourself in a childhood fantasy land and literally forget everything that’s stressing you out in the ‘real world’. Yes, it is probably a love or hate kind of attraction but I’m guessing that if you have clicked on this link and read this far, you are in the love camp. I’ve already posted my tips for couples planning a trip to the parks (linked here) and after I rekindled my love affair with a recent visit, now I’m sharing my favourite five attractions at the parks for adults (because like I said in my previous post, Disneyland Paris is not just for kids!)

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This is hands down my favourite ride at the parks, and I’ve been a fan ever since I first experienced it at Walt Disney World, Florida over 20 years ago (eek!) It’s a high thrill ride where you are immersed into the fictional world of the ‘Twilight Zone’ (as in the TV movie from the nineties) that somehow has managed not to appear dated like some other rides based on films from a relatively vintage year (I’m looking at you Star Tours). It’s the only ride I still get nervous about when queuing despite having been on it more times than I can count. It’s a simple concept, as it really only involves being ‘dropped’ rather than any twists, turns or a high speed coaster scenario but the set up, theme and element of suspense make this, for me, the attraction with the biggest adrenaline rush.


Dreams is Disneyland Paris’ end of day show. Obviously, this is a family friendly attraction but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s really just for the kids. Cliché as this sounds, it has to be seen to be believed; set at Sleeping Beauty’s castle it involves music, fireworks, pyrotechnics and water and leaves me in awe at the creativity and work that goes into it.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

I never really bought into the concept of ‘dinner and show’ events until I saw this one! Yes, you have to pay extra money on top of your park ticket and I don’t go to this every time I visit but it really is worth a look. Again, it’s fun for all the family but if you are visiting as adults without children, you are definitely not out of place; there have been almost as many couples as there have been families when we have been. Expect an hour and a half of cheesy but good old fashioned audience participation, wild west themed fun with a surprisingly good quality meal too.


This is the newest ride at the parks, and can be found in the ToonLand section of the studios. It opened in 2014 so was the only ride I hadn’t tried before when we visited earlier this month. Being relatively new, and also being pretty pioneering in it’s design (for Europe anyway) it’s hugely popular so get there early or use the FastPass option to avoid queuing for well over an hour. If you are not into your ‘white knuckle’ rides you will be fine; without giving away any spoilers its a 4D, trackless ride inside a ‘Ratmobile’ based on the film. But it’s a kids film so surely aimed at children you say? We rode this several times and only once was there someone under the age of 18 in our Ratmobile!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

I still struggle to understand how this ride has any relevance to Disney, but I don’t care as it’s incredible! Definitely one for the thrill seekers. Wikipedia tells me that it’s the fastest roller coaster in Paris accelerating from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds allowing you to experience 3.5 G’s at the first inversion, which is apparently more than an astronaut does on a space shuttle launch! That should be a draw enough alone for coaster fanatics but what makes this even more fun for me is the cleverly chosen clips of Aerosmith music that come blasting out of the speakers under your seat and next to your head throughout the ride. You can’t help but head bang or sing along despite being thrown upside down (each of the five coasters has a different sound track too!)



Why do I need a nipple balm?! Dr Lipp Review


One of the best things about beauty blogging and vlogging is how infectious your passion for all things make up and skincare can be. Friends and family often seem excited to ask my opinion on a product or tell me about their discoveries. This happened recently when my Mother-in-law returned from a holiday with a gift for me in the form of Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm; something I’d never seen nor heard of before. And let me tell you it’s an absolute beaut….

I know what you’re thinking; my nipples are fine as they are and don’t need their own beauty product thank you very much! But this is so much more than a nipple treatment. Yes, according to (one of the sites it is stocked on), it was originally developed with breastfeeding mothers in mind but the beauty world has since realised it’s full potential and apparently Dr Lipp is a staple for many models and make up artists.

As for my opinion, I’ve now been using this for a couple of months and it is hands down the best lip balm I have ever used. Bold statement I know. The formula is thick, colourless (once applied) and odourless. It sinks into the lips and feels immediately nourishing rather than sitting on top of the lips and feeling more like a barrier (my personal pet hate with lip balms). The effects last pretty well too and it acts as a great primer for matte lipstick. I’ve also used it to keep my brows in place and soothe my sore nose during cold and flu season! I’ve now checked out the Dr Lipp website to find out 20 recommended uses, which I have listed below, and having perused these I’m interested to try the balm out as an eye gloss for that model-esque glossy lid look.

  1. Long lasting lip-gloss
  2. Cheek shine
  3. Eye gloss for dewy look
  4. Eyebrow shaping
  5. Lip primer
  6. As a mixer for pigments
  7. Perfect for ‘glitter lips’, eye glitter and diamantes
  8. Skin primer
  9. Smooth away fly away hair
  10. Gloss nails naturally
  11. Chapped lips
  12. Dry cuticles
  13. Dry skin patches
  14. Fine lines under eyes
  15. Split ends
  16. Eye lashes
  17. Itchy and sore skin
  18. Small cuts, burns & abraisons
  19. Sore noses from blowing
  20. Sore nipples from breast feeding

Any downsides? The price may put some people off; at around £12 for a travel size product (15 mls) it is definitely in the ‘high end’ category for a lip treatment. However, considering the multiple uses and that a little goes a long way I think it is well worth it and will definitely be repurchasing. I’ve also read some negative reviews from users stating it feels like a ‘glorified Vaseline’ but I disagree; colourless and odourless like petrolatum yes but far more nourishing. I find petrolatum actually dries my lips out but this does the opposite. It can be difficult to get out of the tube due to the thick nature of the formula but warming the tube up in your hands if it has been kept somewhere cold easily rectifies this. A final point of interest to some might be that the product is 100% medical grade lanolin, so to my knowledge is not vegan friendly (although this is an area I know little about so feel free to educate me in the comments!)

Overall? This is now my go to lip balm and I don’t leave home without it. In addition to Birchbox, you can also find Dr Lipp stocked at Space NK and Beauty Bay (where at time of writing Dr Lipp is on offer!)

My Capsule Wardrobe: Lessons & Winter Updates


Back in October last year, I posted about dipping my toe into the increasingly popular capsule wardrobe concept. I have now worn my wardrobe for three months, learnt lessons and updated my collection for the next season so thought it was about time I wrote an update. If you didn’t catch my first post, I’ve linked it here and I recommend you give it a quick scan before reading on…

Developing my style

This was one of my aims when I started and I feel like it is happening. Opening my wardrobe doors when preparing for the transition to winter I was greeted with a consistent colour palette and a mixture of soft tailoring and casual pieces; Plenty of black, white and grey and also some earthy tones, and I was drawn to the same kind of items when I shopped for winter.

Saving money

Between the changeover in seasons, I barely spent any money on clothes. I wouldn’t have spent any, aside from the fact I burnt my pencil skirt when trying to iron it so had to replace it! I wasn’t a big spender on fashion prior to trying out the capsule wardrobe but whatever your pre-capsule spending habits, you’ll definitely have some spare cash to save/spend on other things once you commit to the concept.

Buying quality

My wardrobe used to be almost exclusively Primark. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing but once I knew I would have less pieces in my wardrobe, I knew I would need it to be better quality as it would obviously be washed more often. I’m not saying I bought designer (if only!) but buying in places such as Reiss, Zara, and even Topshop has felt like a luxury to me, and one I want to continue with!


My main one so far is check the care label before buying! The last thing I wanted was to have to handwash or dry clean items when I’m wearing them so often. The other is plan financially. I knew my changeover would be at the end of December so asked for vouchers as Christmas presents. My next spending spree will be at the beginning of April so I plan to put money aside especially for the purpose.

The Winter Update

Having built my first capsule wardobe after reading the wise words of Caroline from I went a bit freestyle this time! I wrote a list of all my items and ticked off everything I knew I wanted to keep. Everything not ticked was pulled out of the wardrobe and scrutinised; did I still love it and would I still wear it? If the answer was no the item went into storage or the charity pile. Next, I reviewed all the items in storage to see if I wanted to add them to the current wardrobe. This time I only kept two items out of storage, as the majority of it was spring/summer wear. This left me with a list of items to buy, which as before was the fun part! The collage above shows some of the items new to my winter capsule wardrobe, all linked below. Advice and feedback on the process welcome as always!

Khaki shirt dress – ASOS

Frido over the knee boots – Aldo

Stud tie front blouse – Warehouse

Down filled premium parka – Miss Selfridge

Sleeveless white shirt – ASOS

Navy Swing Dress – Miss Selfridge

Grey maxi cardigan – Soaked in Luxury (at ASOS)

Alaska wide fit ankle boots – ASOS

Fine knit roll neck jumper – JDY (at ASOS)

10 Achievable Tasks for 2016


New Year’s resolutions are rarely kept. Well, based on personal experience anyway! So when fellow blogger and YouTuber Leah suggested an alternative for 2016 I jumped right on board. 10 Achievable Tasks is exactly how it sounds. Set yourself 10 goals for 2016. I’m not talking deep and meaningful here, but 10 simple tasks that are achievable, yet would still make you feel good about yourself if you were able to tick them all (or most of them) off by the end of the year. Leah will be revealing hers on her YouTube channel (linked here) where she will also link everyone else who is getting involved. As for mine? Read on…

1. Contact friends and family every day

I don’t mean all of them, but at least one per day. I’m pretty good at staying in touch but when you are busy with work and home life it can be easy for a few days to pass before you realise you haven’t spoken to anyone apart from work colleagues and the person/people you live with. A quick catch up with someone you love can sometimes be the best medicine.

2. Reach 200 followers on bloglovin

I’m not in the blogging game for the numbers. If I was, I’d be much better at social media networking and I would have a ‘one subject blog’ (if you read any articles about how to be successful at blogging they almost always tell you that you need to find a niche). Still, it’s nice to see numbers grow, receive more comments and interact with readers and other bloggers. 200 may be a modest number, but one that would make me smile 🙂

3. Start a weekly make up rotation

I don’t think my make up collection is too excessive, but I probably have more than your ‘average Joe’. I am also guilty of using the same products for months at a time when I have so many other gems in my collection. By having a drawer/box/basket of make up to use every day, and rotating this every week I hope to start using products up and discovering old favourites.

4. Renovate our bedroom

When we moved into our first home together we chose a bedroom and planned to renovate the ‘spare’ room, giving it a complete overhaul to make it into our dream bedroom. That was 8 years ago! 2016 will be the year we finally get around to it.

5. Make time for Headspace

I started using the Headspace app during Vlogmas, after it was recommended to me. It’s a guided meditation app, and it’s absolutely brilliant. It only takes 10 minutes and is a great way to get some ‘me time’. I want to make sure I make time for it at least 4 days per week.

6. Visit a different UK city

There are so many interesting cities in the UK and I feel like I have barely visited any. Suggestions in the comments please!

7. Re-start social media free nights

During the summer in 2015, we (my husband and me) got into the habit of having one evening after work where social media and smart devices were banned. I’m no social media hater, I  enjoy it, definitely see the benefit of it and without it I wouldn’t be writing this post! But one evening a week taking it old school was so refreshing and I want to start doing it again.

8. Listen to 5 albums

Talking of taking it old school I miss the days of buying an album (on CD of course!) and sitting listening to it from start to finish. I just don’t do it now and I have no idea why.

9. Eat less takeaways

I could pretend that I plan to eat clean and totally overhaul my diet in 2016 but I know it would never happen – I just love my food too much! I eat plenty of healthy food and despite loving my chocolate and other junk too I do feel I achieve a reasonable balance overall. But, I do need to cut down on the takeaways. Long work days, laziness and a dislike of cooking means I eat too many and that needs to stop this year.

10. Try a new class at the gym

I had a little lapse in the latter part of 2015 but before that I had been exercising regularly and consistently for a couple of years. So now is definitely time to mix it up. There are so many classes at my Gym and I have only tried a couple of different ones (Spinning and Boxing Circuits) and I want to find one that makes me want to keep going back.

I’d love to know if you have set yourself your own 10 achievable tasks, let me know in the comments.