3 Guilt Free Nandos Options


You have probably noticed Nandos has a bit of a cult following. I definitely consider myself one of it’s loyal devotees! In fact (and don’t judge me) we have coined the phrase ‘Nandos Wednesdays’ in our household which is exactly how it sounds – on Wednesdays we eat at Nandos! However, we reserve our treat meals for weekends and even though we eat at this restaurant almost every week, we go straight from the gym so still want remain conscious of the nutritional value of our choices. Seeing as we created ‘Nandos Wednesdays’ almost a year ago I have managed to work my way through a lot of the menu and now have a few favourite combinations that both taste good and fit into my weekday healthier eating habits. Read on if you want to know what they are! All nutritional values listed are calculated using information from the Nandos webiste.

(One last thing before you read on. I realise ‘guilt free’ may be a bit of a stretch! As explained in my ‘about me‘ page, I don’t claim to be an expert on anything so am not a qualified nutritionist or anything of the sort. But what I do know is that these choices are far better for me than my favourite ‘treat’ meal at Nandos; Burger, chips and garlic bread!)


Chicken Butterfly, Macho Peas & Chargrilled Veg

The chicken butterfly is a great choice for those who prefer not to eat their chicken on the bone. It is also big enough so that when you add the two vegetable based sides the meal still leaves me satisfyingly full and I am pleased to have got two of my five-a-day in!

Calories 573 kcal

Fat 22.5 g

Protein 66.6 g

Carbs 21.9 g


Quinoa Salad with Chicken

Salad at Nando’s?? I know but trust me this is a good one. It also has to be said that it tastes far better than it looks! The quinoa, sweet potato and avocado make this tasty as well as filling so I am never disappointed when I order this.

Calories 509 kcal

Fat 22.7 g

Protein 42.7 g

Carbs 36.9 g


Chicken Butterfly, Corn on the Cob and Sweet Potato Mash

I know – a second choice with the chicken butterfly but it really is my favourite chicken main on the whole menu! I wasn’t always a fan of corn on the cob but the sweetness of this side goes well with the Peri Peri sauce, and I find it takes me a long time to eat giving me the chance to get more full. And you can’t order sweetcorn without mashed potato, but the sweet potato option makes it a healthier choice.

Calories 702 kcal

Fat 15.8 g

Protein 67.3 g

Carbs 67.6 g

If you have any of your own favourite Nando’s combinations let me know in the comments!