Nars Audacious Mascara – review


I’m definitely a drug store mascara fan. I find that you can get amazing results from plenty of budget friendly brands and that means it’s often not worth spending the extra money on high end mascaras. Even more so as mascara is the product that I repurchase the most because I try and stick to the recommended 3-month expiry date (which is usually how long a mascara lasts me anyway if I’m using it every day). Back in the early 2000’s I had a few high end favourites (you can hear more about these on my YouTube channel here) but other than a brief fling with Benefit’s They’re Real, since then I haven’t really felt the need to splash out on a more expensive mascara. That was until an email from Space NK dropped into my inbox back in September announcing the launch of the ‘Audacious’ mascara from Nars and I couldn’t resist a cheeky purchase!

At £21 the ‘Audacious’ mascara is around the price you would expect from a luxury brand. It promises “extreme volume, extreme length, extreme control” and claims the “exclusive lash-catching brush intensifies with every layer, over 200 hooks and bristles guide a silky formula from roots to tips with full precision”. Mascara is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ product; we were all blessed with natural lashes of all shapes and sizes, and therefore have different wants from a formula. So, in this post I will let you know what I loved, liked and loathed about the product so that you can make your own mind up about whether it is worth a try for you!


First things first, the packaging. I love the way it is in keeping with the rest of the brand packaging and the matte effect of the mascara tube means you can get a really good grip when applying (I’ve lost count of the amount of times a mascara wand has sprung out of my hand when a brand uses the more standard glossy finish). However, the matte effect also means it gets grubby really easily, just like the blushers from Nars.


Onto to the wand. With so many mascaras on the market now and having tried a pretty huge selection out myself, it’s not often I come across a wand that is very different from others I’ve used. However, this one had me a bit surprised! There are four rows of ‘teeth’. Each row has smaller teeth at the tip which get bigger towards the centre, and then tail off again. In addition there are tiny teeth dispersed between the larger ones. The material is also really flexible and the main body of the wand itself is ever so slightly curved. In other words, this wand really ‘grabs’ each lash with ease and makes the mascara an absolute doddle to apply. I bought mine online (from the Space NK website) which shows the wand to be coloured red. To me this seems a little pointless as it is always covered in the product so you cant tell.

No mascara

No mascara

One coat

Three coats

So what about the formula? As you can see from the photos above just one coat makes a dramatic difference in terms of the length. If your natural eyelashes are very short, and it is length you are after this may be the mascara for you. Personally, I love a bit of volume and I don’t think this delivers from that point of view. Once layered, I also found the formula became a bit ‘clumpy’ for my liking but if you like the ‘spidery lash’ look you can layer this up and it does make your eyes look bigger. It was very easy to remove at the end of the day with my normal eye make up remover (unlike the Benefit They’re Real which is why I gave up on that) but I did find that after a long day at work it had started to flake.

Overall? This may not be a regular repurchase for me but if you are looking for a lengthening mascara with dramatic results and like a mascara that is quick and easy to apply, this may be worth a look. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this product if you have given it a go…


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