Kurt Geiger Leather Zip Around Purse





If you had said Kurt Geiger to me six months ago I would have thought of shoes, and shoes only. I had no idea they sold beautiful accessories, including purses. However, I was lucky enough to receive the ‘Leather Zip Around Purse’ in brown for my birthday and I have fallen so in love that I decided it needed it’s own dedicated blog post.

There are a few reasons this purse is perfect for me. Firstly, it’s leather. I can be unintentionally heavy handed so as much as I try and take care of all my possessions, they can get a bit ‘bashed about’, especially bags and purses. In the couple of months I’ve had the purse it has worn really well and I find the advantage of leather is even when it gets marked this can simply add to the character of it rather than make it appear ruined (like faux leather can). I also love the zip (there’s a sentence I thought I’d never write!) The reason being that as the name suggests it wraps all the way around the purse keeping everything really secure, but the ‘chunky-ness” of it adds to the overall look. I personally don’t like the look of a designer name plastered in huge letters across a product, and prefer a more subtle nod to the designer. I find the Kurt Geiger lettering to smart and understated. Finally, I am a receipt and loyalty card hoarder and there is plenty of room for these plus enough space for coins, notes and debit/credit cards too without having to cram everything in.

You can find the purse sold in various places including, of course, Kurt Geiger and department stores such as House of Fraser. Different stores seem to stock different colours but in addition to brown I’ve seen the purse in black, grey, pink, white and deep red. It retails for £85. For me, a great investment piece and a great alternative to the very popular Michael Kors purse which will set you back around £125.


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