Muscle Food – Lean Meat Bundles


I’m a total carb-aholic so when I started to pay more attention to my diet in a bid to get healthy for my 30th birthday (you can read more about this here) I made a vow to up my protein intake for a more balanced diet. I’ve tried protein bars and shakes but just can’t stomach them so decided to stick to the old fashioned method of eating more lean meat. My husband introduced me to the website ‘Muscle Food’ and now that we have made a couple of large orders I wanted to share my thoughts with you…

Muscle Food is an online store selling, in their words, premium nutrition for healthy living. This means you can find lean meat, protein bars/snacks/shakes, fresh fruit and vegetables, supplements and even protein rich ready meals and pizzas on the site. For both of our orders we took advantage of a special ‘Groupon’ deal – a 70 piece meat hamper for only £49. This deal on Groupon, and others, pop up regularly but the Muscle Food site itself is still good value, especially if you buy in bulk. They promise all their meat is trimmed of excess fat, free from preservatives and has no added salt or water. They also seem pretty proud of their reputation – the website is plastered with endorsements from professional athletes and organisations such as the Organic Soil Association and the British Butcher Association.

Once placing an order, you choose a delivery date to suit you. The main issue for us here is the company does not deliver on the weekends, which is worth knowing before you place an order. Especially as this is not the kind of order you want left with a neighbour if you are at work when they attempt to deliver (you don’t want 100’s of pounds worth of ruined meat to return home to!) We just planned our orders around annual leave days. Handily, the company sends you a text in the morning with delivery slot (which as far as I remember was a few hours) so at least you don’t have to wait in all day.



I was dubious about having meat delivered by a courier. I had concerns about the meat being kept refrigerated well enough especially as we made our orders in the height of English summer. When I answered the door to a standard cardboard box, my doubts weren’t initially eased! However, when we opened the box, the contents was super chilled. This had been achieved by a combination of cool bags and a thick layer of insulation. In hindsight this probably would have kept the meat adequately chilled for a few further hours, but I was glad to be home to receive the delivery just to be on the safe side.


All the meat was vacuum packed. I was pleased to find a variety of expiry dates on the products. All the meat had at least a few days to go, and some had up to a week. It’s just us two in our household so clearly we needed to freeze a lot of the meat but if you are a larger family or eat a lot of protein on a daily basis there is time to spare without having to freeze anything. Our hamper contained a mixture of chicken, steaks, pork, turkey, sausages and bacon. Most of this was packaged in portions suitable for one or two people. However, there were two packs of chicken breasts containing 2.5 kg each. We learned the hard way, but if you get a hamper containing this I would recommend separating the chicken into manageable portions before freezing – we had a hard time defrosting 2.5 kg of chicken in one packet and then eating it all within the next 24 hours!!

The biggest surprise for me was the quality of the meat. Honestly, most of it tasted better than any supermarket or butcher bought meat I have tried before. The stand outs for me were the bacon and the beef steaks. I track my nutrition on My Fitness Pal and was amazed but pleased to see how low fat and calorie these were for the taste! The only disappointment was the sausages, which compared to the other pieces were just average and not much lower fat than standard sausages. But for a 70 piece hamper to only be let down by one of the items, you can see why we made a second order!

As I already mentioned, we have been impressed enough with Muscle Food to make a second order and I am now tempted to try out some of their other offers including the protein snacks and pizza!

Have you tried anything from Muscle Food? Let me know your thoughts in the comments…


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