The Matte Blush from Makeup Revolution


Makeup Revolution London stormed onto the budget beauty scene not much more a year ago, and the brand has gradually infiltrated my make up collection ever since. An innocent scroll through my Instagram feed a week ago turned into an impromptu online shopping spree on the Makeup Revolution website as I saw they had released a brand new range of matte blushers. As much as I love a good shimmer on the cheeks, a matte blush can be a lot more flattering, especially if signs of fine lines and (dare I say) wrinkles are starting to appear! I would call ‘The Matte Blush’ collection a capsule one as there are just 6 colours available for now (so of course I had to buy them all!)


Even though the collection is ‘petite’ in size the colour range is fab. I’d say there is something to suit every skin tone and taste. Three of the colours are on the bolder side and three of them more neutral. I’m sure you can see why I had difficulty choosing between them and therefore ended up with all shades in my online basket! However, at only £3 a pop these (like all Makeup Revolution products) are an absolute bargain. Especially when you consider the size of these blushers. The pans were much bigger than I expected and on closer inspection the weight of the product is 8.9 g. The geek in me needed to know how this compares with other blushers and a quick rummage through my existing blush collection revealed weights between 2.5 g and 6 g and that includes high end brands. The packaging does leave a lot to be desired compared to more luxury products but you can’t complain especially when the quality of the actual blusher is so good…


The more neutral shades are ‘Nude’, ‘Fusion’ and ‘Beloved’ (shown above from left to right). At first glance they might look really similar but once on the skin they are definitely unique from each other. Nude is exactly as the name suggests – a true nude. Fusion has a slight pink tone and Beloved is more on the peach side. All three are very pigmented when applied to the cheeks (even more so than the finger swatches shown below suggest) so need a really light touch with your brush. You could even use nude as a contour colour, depending on your own skin tone.


The more bold shades are equally as pigmented as the others. In fact, there is definitely a consistency in formula across the whole range, which is a huge positive for me as that is not always the case. It’s a make up lover’s nightmare when you try out one shade in a particular range and love it so much that you buy more only to find out the formula is different! As well as the colour pay off being great, the texture is lovely and soft. The only down side to the formula is there is a lot fall out so my dressing table has been pretty messy after using any of these. Shown from left to right above are ‘New Rules’, ‘Dare’ and ‘Divine’. New Rules is my favourite as I own nothing like this. It’s probably not the best suited to my skin tone but I get away with it using a light touch. It would look great on deeper skin tones in my opinion. The cool toned Divine is a great pick for porcelain skin.

Nude, Fusion, Beloved, New Rules, Dare, Divine (L-R)

Nude, Fusion, Beloved, New Rules, Dare, Divine (L-R)

Trying out this collection has further confirmed my love for the brand. I doubt it will be long before I make another purchase, especially as new releases are so frequent. I’m on the mailing list too so am always being tempted by special offers! You can join the mailing list via their website linked here.


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