Eucerin Sun Care – a sensitive skin dream come true?

Every time I go on holiday, I curse my sensitive skin. If you share this affliction but love the hot weather you will literally feel my pain. My complexion is fair, I’m very prone to prickly heat and also have skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis; not the best combination for pool side lounging! When a friend mentioned I should try a sun protection formula that doesn’t contain paraffin, it peaked my interest and I turned to Google for more information. Armed with a bit more knowledge I scoured the shelves in Boots for a product free from paraffin, petrolatum and mineral oil. These ingredients are likely to clog pores and aggravate allergies or prickly heat. I also wanted a perfume free or low perfume formula as I knew from experience heavily fragranced products and my skin do not mix well. I found that a lot of brands or products claiming to be “for sensitive skin” or “allergy protection” contained some or all of the above ingredients so was pleased to come across Eucerin’s range as this ticked all the boxes. I bought three products, and used them on my recent 10 day holiday in a hot and humid climate. I loved them and won’t be going back to any other brand now. Read on to find out the specific products I used, how I used them and why I loved them!


Sun Allergy Protection Sun-Creme Gel SPF 50 – £19

I use SPF 50 all over for the first few days of any sun drenched holiday, and continue with this high factor in the most sensitive areas for the rest of my time away. The formula of the creme-gel is reasonably thick, but I find the same with any SPF 50 product. Despite this it was easy to blend over the skin and absorbed really quickly. It left no white streaks or marks and I also found it to be really moisturising. When reapplied regularly, I didn’t burn. I’m also convinced it helped to prevent prickly heat as I ran out 6 days into my holiday and couldn’t purchase more where I was. I therefore had to buy something else and as soon as I switched, the prickly heat reared it’s ugly head! Any downsides? For me just the staining. In my experience, most sun protection products do tend to leave a yellow stain on light (especially white) clothing and I found this worse then most. However, for me the negatives are far outweighed by the positives. It’s also worth knowing despite the absence of the ingredients I’ve previously mentioned, I does still contain alcohol so may not be suitable for all sensitive skin types.


Extra Light Lotion SPF 30 – £18.50

After a few days in the sun without any reactions, I swap to SPF 30 on less sensitive areas. The formula of this lotion is exactly as claimed – extra light. This glides on so easily and a little goes a long way (although I always apply it generously just to be safe). This formula is free of paraffin, petrolatum and mineral oil but unlike the SPF 50 does contain perfume. However, it is the last ingredient on the list so not one of the main ingredients and as I only used in on my legs it didn’t cause me any problems. I was well protected with regular application and it did not cause as much staining to clothes as the SPF 50.


Sun Creme Face SPF 50 – £16

I use SPF on my face all year round, and always SPF 50 for prolonged sun exposure. Thickness wise, this formula sits somewhere in between the sun allergy creme-gel and the extra light lotion. The ingredients list is very similar to the creme-gel in SPF 50. My face is definitely the most sensitive area and in the past applying any lotion to my face having spent a few days in the sun causes stinging or other uncomfortable feelings, but I had no signs of sensitivity with this. I did find this did not sink into the skin as well as the other two products so was prone to leaving a white cast over the face. This wasn’t a deal breaker for me as I wasn’t wearing any make up pool side, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it for an every day SPF to wear under make up for this reason.

Overall, I was so pleased to find a product that enabled me to enjoy the sun without painful after effects. The brand is definitely priced at the higher end of the spectrum but worth every penny for me. It also appears to be on offer frequently, as I purchased during a ‘3 for 2’ promotion in Boots, and at the time of posting selected products from the brand have 25% off (again in Boots).

Do you have any sun care tips for sensitive skin?


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