What’s On My Dressing Table?


When we bought our house and I finally had space for one, I couldn’t wait to get a dressing table. About four years later I got around to buying one! I wish I’d got one sooner; it makes so much difference when you are a make up lover. It’s great to have all your most reached for make up items close to hand and I love displaying items on the dressing table to add a personal touch. I’m not claiming my set up is Pintrest-worthy, but if you are as nosy as I am a little tour around my dressing table might be of interest to you! The table itself is from good old Ikea. It’s from the ‘Hemnes’ range and costs a mega reasonable £135. For the price, it’s really sturdy and was surprisingly easy to put together (it took two people, 20 minutes and only one minor disagreement!)


On the left side of the mirror I keep my lipsticks. Most other make up items including other types of lip products (glosses, lip crayons etc) are either hidden away in drawers or in a separate storage unit beneath the dressing table, but this is my favourite way to store lipsticks. As you can see, I have a modest collection, almost all from high street brands but with a few from Mac (which I love). Acrylic storage can be really expensive but I found this in TK Maxx for around £8 and I’ve got a couple of back ups for when my lipstick collection expands (which it inevitably will!)


I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for statement necklaces and as I wear them really often I keep them hanging over each side of the dresser, bright colours on the left and more neutral on the right. They are mostly from Miss Selfridge, Primark and Make A Statement (you can find this company on facebook linked here – I highly recommend it!)


As I use make up brushes almost every day, I definitely want these in easy reach. I find you really don’t have to spend much on containers if you are willing to be creative and shop around. I personally like the mis-matched looked as you can see! The little blue container is actually a tealight holder from Wilko’s costing £2. The middle container is a treasured gift from a friend from one of her trips to India and the Paris glass was another bargain from the TK Maxx kitchen section (I think it’s supposed to be a Latte glass!). I keep all my lip liners and eye liners in the final glass, which was a Next sale purchase.


I love jewellery holders and want to get more, in all different shapes, sizes and finishes to continue with my mis-matched look! They are also a must for people prone to losing their jewellery, when you have items you wear every day but take off at night (speaking from experience!) I happened to get these both for Christmas last year. The Eiffel Tower one is from Next and was a gift from my husband. Here is were you will find my engagement and wedding rings (unless I’m wearing them). I keep all my ‘costume’ rings and stud earrings on the stag holder, a present from my sister-in-law and from Urban Outfitters.


Finally; my perfumes. I’ve explained in a video on my You Tube channel that I’ve never been one to have a large perfume collection. I often only have one on the go and rarely have more than two. I’m also a bit of a fragrance floozy as I flit between many different scents and brands. On the go at the moment are Black Orchid from Tom Ford and Si from Giorgio Armani. The Tom Ford fragrance is a rare repurchase so that speaks volumes. It’s a very heavy scent so I tend to reserve this for nights out in the Autumn/Winter but it’s so sophisticated and one spritz lasts a long time. It contains black truffle, ylang, bergamot and blackcurrant so is not at all floral (as the name suggests) and a really luxurious smelling fragrance (although this is definitely reflected in the price). Si is my more ‘every day’ scent at the moment. Fresh, girly and a little floral it has ingredients including blackcurrant, musk and rose.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a tour of my dressing table. I plan to do a full make up collection video on my You Tube channel in the future so keep your eyes peeled!


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