Top 3 Real Techniques Brushes


I love Real Techniques brushes. I was introduced to them after watching beauty videos on You Tube a couple of years ago, and it was a revelation! If you are a regular beauty blog reader / beauty fanatic / beauty blogger yourself then the brand won’t need any introduction. However if you are unaware of the products, here’s the low down. Real Techniques is the creation of make up artists and sisters, Sam and Nic, who have the very popular You Tube channel Pixiwoo. Sold in the likes of Boots and Superdrug, in supermarkets, and online the brushes are affordable yet great quality and easy to get hold of. If you like a more luxury feel their newer ‘Bold Metals’ range is worth a look (I haven’t tried any – but plan to!) With so many to chose from where to start? Here are my favourite three…



1. Expert Face Brush – £9.99

This is my favourite brush, from any brand, for applying foundation be it liquid or powder. For liquid I dot the product all over my face and blend it in with the brush. For powder I give the brush a swirl in the product before applying it. It gives a beautiful smooth finish and is just the right size to apply a full face pretty quickly but the shape still means you can still get the product in all the contours of your face. It’s a dense brush, so washes really well and think it looks as good as new, despite being over a year old. A must have in my opinion!



2. Deluxe Crease Brush – Part of the starter set – £21.99

The only potential down side to this brush it that you can’t buy it individually so have to fork out for the set. However you do get four other eye brushes and I would say it’s well worth getting when this gem is included! The slim handle with good grip, and soft domed head of the brush make this amazing for crease colours in the eye. It’s just the right size to both apply and blend the eye shadow colour in the crease and has made a huge difference to how my eye shadow turns out. I don’t apply eye shadow without using this now. Again, it washes really well, retaining it’s shape and softness without shedding.



2. Setting Brush – £6.99

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t use this (unless I’m having a make up free day!) I’ve never seen another brush with quite the same shape and dimensions so I think it’s pretty unique. I use this to set powder under the eyes or in other smaller areas such as around my nose. It’s also great for blending liquid concealer or applying powdered highlighter, and I’ve even been known to contour with it so it’s a definitely an all-rounder! It’s neither really dense or really sparse which lends it the multiple uses, and as with the other two brushes mentioned (and all other real techniques brushes I own) it has stood up to multiple washes.

Do you have any Real Techniques recommendations? I’ve heard great things about the fan brush so that will probably be my next purchase from the range.


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