Mini Soap & Glory Haul – with first impressions


If there are two areas of make up I wish I had more skill in, it’s eyebrows and eyeliner. If you saw my video on You Tube talking about my make up goals for 2015 (linked here) you will know that one of them is to finally accomplish the winged liner look. I’m still not feeling anywhere near confident with applying it, but have heard lots of good things about the Soap & Glory liner. I’ve also been wanting to try the much-hyped Anastasia Brow Wiz and Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, and the Soap & Glory versions seem to be widely hailed as dupes for these. So when I was in my local Boots and these products were all in stock and on a ‘3 for 2’ offer (the two had never happened at the same time before!) I couldn’t resist a purchase.DSC00242From left to right, I bought the ‘Archery‘ in the colour ‘Brownie Points’ (£10), the ‘Archery Brow Pencil‘ in the colour ‘Hot Chocolate’ (£8), and the ‘Supercat‘ black liquid liner (£6). For reference, I would describe my hair (and eyebrow) colour as dark brown. A definite down side of the Soap & Glory eyebrow pencils compared to their high end counter-parts is the much smaller range of shades (essentially each one comes in two shades – brown and light brown/blonde).


I’ll start with Archery. This is double ended with a pen on one side and a crayon on the other. The pen is the very bottom swatch on the photo above, and the crayon just above it. I was surprised to find that the colours are pretty different, as you can see, with the pen being a much cooler brown and the crayon warmer. The pen ‘nib’ is very flexible, which I like as it makes for a more natural effect, but I found I had to apply a lot of pressure to get a decent colour pay off from the crayon.

The Archery Brow Pencil is also double ended, but this time with a ‘spoolie’ on one end and a crayon on the other. The crayon is the top swatch on the above photo, and is much darker than the colours in the other product. It’s also a lot thinner and therefore easier to work with. The ‘spoolie’ is excellent! For these reasons, and because the colour happens to be a much better match for me, this is definitely my favourite of the two. However, maybe I need more practice with this type of product, but overall I much prefer my current brow routine, using powder and a brush,


Onto the star of the haul for me, the Supercat liner. Initially I had reservations as when I swatched the product on my hand, there was a lot of ‘bleeding’. However, this did not happen at all when applied to the lids (I guess I must just have wrinkly hands!) The ‘nib’ is thicker than I’m used to and I thought that would make it harder to work with, but somehow this wasn’t the case. You can apply different pressures to get various line thickness, as the photo above shows. Best of all, I was magically able to apply a wing on my first attempt. It wasn’t a fluke either, as I did both eyes! It was nowhere near perfect but better than any attempt I’ve made using other products, and with more practice I’ve got high hopes! I would recommend this eyeliner to anyone who usually struggles with this kind of product.

Do you have any Soap & Glory recommendations? Comment below if you do!


3 thoughts on “Mini Soap & Glory Haul – with first impressions

  1. I have not tried too much from Soap and Glory though have some stuff from a while ago that is now discontinued. Not the makeup stuff, I think one was a face mask and the other a face scrub. Did really like both though. Seems Sephora here has some of their stuff on sale now and then but I think its items that will be discontinued soon (not sure). Ok, well I also nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can see info on that and the post here:


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